Industrial-quality tools for gas and water distribution

Factory Direct. American Made. Built to Last.

Kravitch Machine Company has gained a reputation of providing the “gold standard” of distribution tools for the gas and water industries. We are the premier manufacturer of industrial-quality tools for gas and water distribution. We have been in business for over 50 years, manufacturing a wide range of tools including valve keys & wrenches, plastic pipe tools, patented Keyhole Tools, patented Gate Valve Maintenance Tools, patented Plug Valve Maintenance Tools.

Kravitch Machine Company has a reputation for not only making the best-quality gas and water distribution tools on the market … but also for working readily with our utility customers to manufacture tools that fit their specific needs. Many of our most popular tools are currently listed on this website. However, we cannot provide an exhaustive list of every gas and water tool we manufacture. Also, we are regularly adding to our Keyhole, Gate Valve Maintenance & Plug Valve Maintenance Tool lines. Please check our “What’s New” Tab for periodic updates.

If you do not see a tool listed to suit your needs, please contact us. We may already manufacture a tool with your desired modifications even though it is not yet on the website.