Kravitch Gate Valve Maintenance Tools

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Repairs to the Gate Valve through the valve box without digging.

Kravitch Machine Company has developed the patented Gate Valve Maintenance Tooling (GVMT) system which is used to execute maintenance operations on buried valves without digging by performing these operations through the valve box. Our GVMT system not only performs simple procedures such as replacing the valve nut operator, but can also cut off a damaged valve stem, drill and tap it so a hold down bolt can be installed to secure a replacement valve operator nut to the valve stem. This entire procedure is performed through the valve box.

How do Kravitch Gate Valve Maintenance Tools Work?

Kravitch Gate Valve Maintenance Tools are long-handled tools that are used to reach into a small hole to perform various repair functions. Our tools consist of a long reach tool called a Pike. On top of the Pike are quick-disconnect Operators which are used to drive the Pike. They transmit torsional, axial, and impact force to the Pike which in turn transmits torsional, axial, and impact force to the Adapters on the bottom of the Pike. The quick-disconnect Adapters on the bottom of the Pike are used to perform the work on the gate valve. The quick-disconnect system allows tools to be quickly and easily interchanged. The operators and adapters can be easily stored in a tool box.

See our Gate Valve Maintenance Tool Catalog for various Pikes, Operators, Adapters, and Hardware.

Take a look at our Gate Valve Maintenance Catalog Procedure Pages for a closer look how the tools perform the work. We are developing new tools on a regular basis. If you do not see a tool you are looking for or are unsure if the tools listed will perform the function you need, please contact us.